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More money

Earn 65% of all revenue made, giving you a higher share of the profits

Huge reach

Tap into global audience of over 3 million weekly users

Total flexibility

Work whenever you like, get paid every seven days


Do I need to download any software?
No, not for our recommended method of camming. The browser-based solution Webstream offers means no downloads; just log into your Dashboard, follow the link shown within the "LiveCam" tab and the simple steps will get you set up in no time.
I only have a mobile, can I join without a laptop?
Yes, you can. However, the best experience for performances is via laptop, so we do recommend for all camming sessions to take place on a laptop.
How do I go online?
Click on the Launch Webcam link in the 'LiveCam' section of your dashboard to access the LiveCam platform. From here, sign in to your account and click the 'Offline' button to switch to online.
What do the different types of rooms mean?

You can choose between three room types: Free, Group and Private.

  • Free rooms allow clients to view and chat to you before beginning the pay-per-minute Group or Private room. Clients will only be allowed 10 minutes of Free room access per 24 hours
  • Group rooms allow you to perform for as many clients that you let enter into your chat at one time
  • Private rooms allow you to have a one-on-one camming session with one client at a time - providing a more personal touch
How much do you take from my earnings?
The company providing the service, Webstream, requires 25% to manage the software and payments. will take 10% for providing you with your paying customers. This means that you will earn the remaining 65% of money generated with no further deductions.

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